Posted by: dougis | January 28, 2008

Dance like nobody is watching

Over the weekend my 3 1/2 year old daughter (teeny) had a “Show a Thon” at the local mall for her dance studio’s scholarship program.

This is a fund raising event where the school has classes dance in the midst of the mall for several hours and folks pledge money to help them out (they have raffles etc as well).

She and the rest of her class of 3 and 4 year olds were dressed up either in poodle skirts and bobby socks (girls) or jeans and white T shirts (boys) and dancing to Splish Splash.

Most of them had a BALL and were a big hit with the crowd. What truly caught my attention however was the group that came on a couple of numbers after them.

The Silver Steppers (a group of seniors dressed pretty much the same way as the kids had been) came out and danced to Rock around the Clock and had JUST AS MUCH FUN as the kids did. If anything the seniors hammed it up more than the kids did.

I only hope that when my daughter is that age she still loves to get out on stage in front of everyone and show off how much fun she can have (and for that matter I hope I can do the same).


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