Posted by: dougis | April 14, 2008

Class at an early age

This last weekend was our families turn to pick up my oldest daughters school (PTA commitment).

When we showed up on saturday to pick things up, the school grounds were covered in toilet paper. We made a few choice comments about both the folks who did it as well as the parents sitting down on the ball field watching little league games ignoring it and then started to pick it up.

We work in two teams, one of the girls goes down on the ball field with my wife (it was Nana this time) and the other stays up top with me to pick up the parking lot and playground. We had picked up the parking lot and a chunk of the play area and my wife and daughter had made the round of the ball field (still without a single parent down there getting up to do anything). I was working on getting as much of the TP off the playground as I could when I heard something. I looked up and a young lady who had been watching the games on the field below was sitting there. I asked her what she had said and she repeated “do you have another bag?”. I of course handed her the one I had left and she proceeded to help clean up the mess.

Let me make a couple of things very clear.

1) She was too old to have gone to that school.

2) She did not have ANY obligation to pick anything up

3) NONE of the adults who had walked past the mess to get to the little league games on the field below had done anything to clean things up.

I hope my girls end up with that much class and poise. She really made my day.


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