Posted by: dougis | May 20, 2008

A nice quiet evening

Last night was nothing out of the ordinary.

My wife went to a friends for dinner, so I was home with the girls. They had dinner and then we went downstairs to let Nana practice for her choir concert.

I was a little stiff and sore from the weekend so I told her I was going to do a few yoga stretches while she worked on her music and of course teeny had to do them with me (try to talk a 4 year old through downward facing dog, I dare you). It was a lot of fun to listen to Nana while watching Teeny mimic what she thought I was doing.

Then we went upstairs and all curled up on the bed to watch part of The Neverending Story 2.

A bit later got Teeny in bed, read a couple of stories, sang a few songs and then kissed her goodnight after which I read another chapter of our latest book to Nana.

Got her all ready for bed (homework done) and then crashed downstairs to watch BSG on the Tivo.

May not sound too exciting, but it was a good night as I got to spend some quality time with the girls having fun.


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