Posted by: dougis | June 6, 2008

The authors tea party

I was privileged to get to help out yesterday in Nana’s first/second grade class (she is in a split class).

They were having an event that I found to be incredibly fun, an authors tea party. The premise was that the kids would invite a special person in their lives (could be a parent or grandparent, Nana chose her Aunti Vicki) to come and have a tea party with the kids in the class room. During this tea party the kids would show all of the writing that they have done through the year and highlight one specific item for their guest.

They spent time learning how to perform an introduction, how to pass cookies (because what is a tea party without cookies?) and stressed good manners. Since Leigh and I have both volunteered in the classroom the teacher asked if one of use could be there to

  1. help set things up
  2. stand in for a missing significant other if needed (this teacher thinks of everything)

My help as a stand in wasn’t needed, but it was a lot of fun to watch the kids show off their work and enjoy basking in the glow radiated by their special guest. Some of the comments were pretty funny as well, things like “see this is what I wrote like at the beginning of the year, isn’t it bad?” and others along the same lines were heard all over the room.

After tea was served and the kids had a chance to show off their handiwork, they put on the entertainment for the event. All in all five nusery rhymes were acted out by various groups of kids, complete with props and costumes (Nana informed me that they have been practising for months on these).

It was a great example of why Leigh and I think so highly of Nana’s teacher and a great chance to be a fly on the wall (albeit a very large obvious one) at an event that I will remember for a long time.


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