Posted by: dougis | August 28, 2008

The test that really matters

I got beat to the punch by Shevitz Sensei at Aikithoughts, but I still want to talk about this.

Last Tuesday night was testing at the dojo.

This is not an unusual event as we try to let people who are ready test for new ranks every couple of months, however it WAS unusual for me in that it was Nana’s first test as an Aikidoka. She has been training again for a while now and was very ready for her test.

Ready for her test

Ready for her test

She went over all the questions she might have been asked, practiced her ki tests and techniques and generally did all the things she needed to in order to get ready for her test.
It showed, she did very well and was calm throughout her test (her only disappointment was that she didn’t get to throw me as part of her test, but maybe next time).

You can see her technique portion here.

She is my little girl and she did exactly what Sensei asks for, she showed her best. What more could I possibly ask for? (well maybe less guff at bedtime, but one thing at a time)

I have told her many times already, but perhaps someday she will read this and remember just how proud I am of her. Not because she passed her test, but because she did her best.


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