Posted by: dougis | September 5, 2008

Back to school already?

Wednesday was another milestone for us as Nana and Teeny are now back to school (where did the summer go?).

Nana ready for School

Nana ready for School

Teeny ready for School

Teeny ready for School

Nana is starting at a new school so she can take part in the district’s highly capable program (maybe this year we won’t hit the classroom boredom wall in March) and Teeny is back for her last year at her preschool before kindergarten.

They both had a hard time sleeping on Tuesday night since they were so excited for the school year to begin. I am curious if the excitement will keep up as they get older.
We dropped Nana off at the bus stop as her new school is too far to walk, then Leigh took me over by car so I could meet her before her first day (she wanted one of us with her, we will see how many more years that happens).

After dropping me off she took Teeny to school then came back to pick me up at which point we went to breakfast together. I think we are going to make an annual tradition out of that as well (Mommy and Daddy spend a morning out together on the first day of school).
Everyone LOVES their new classes and are really excited about this year so things are off to a good start.

How did your first day of school go this year?



  1. nice, we did the same thing.
    But the reason we did it was becuase our son had to break our hearts by giving us this “don’t abandon me” sad look – almost broke down and took him home. it was his first day at school [ pre-k ] ..


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