Posted by: dougis | January 30, 2009

Pictures in my head

I posted a while back about some memories that stick in my mind like snapshots. I hadn’t given it any real thought until I did so, but now am wondering “which memories are there in my head?”

Here is part of the list as it stands right now (these are not necessarily the most important memories I have, just the ones I get off the top of my head).

  • the day my parents dropped my off at some friends to go pick up my sister (we are both adopted).
    My wife refuses to believe this one as I was only 2 at the time, but I can see the front of their house along with the stairs leading to the front door as clear as a bell in my head
  • Running home from kindergarten to meet my best friend Guy and watch Speed Racer (note, I can’t recall the TV show at all, but the anticipation of it sticks like glue)
  • Talking to my Dad on the CB when I was at home sick and he was on his way. He called to see what I wanted him to bring me so I would feel better.
  • Sitting in the Living room with Dad, watching Gunsmoke while Mom was teaching a night class.
  • Walking what felt like miles up Beacon hill to get home (and those concrete steps that were on top of the sidewalk)
  • Listening to the 45 of Hotel California in Mr. Pumphrey’s 5th grade class on the school record player in the back of the class room (you know the ones I mean, the all in one unit where the top comes off so you can put a record in)
  • The summer art class I took at the Junior High (the day we did watercolors specifically)
  • A late night conversation with my Dad outside while I was splitting wood for the fireplace
  • One specific evening with Lisa at her place with friends (man did I have a crush on her, I just never could tell her)
  • A stage band performance in the elementary school
  • Walking to Sunday school on May 18, 1980 and my friend Mary leaning out her window to tell me the entire north side of the mountain had exploded (I didn’t believe her)
  • One fine day at the dunes in Pullman
  • One morning about 5:45AM in the studio at BCC after a night on the air
  • The view at the top of the hill at Guenoc winery in lake county
  • The view over the ocean at our wedding
  • Sitting on the roof of our first house, holding the electrical mast up while waiting for folks to get hardware
  • Dakota playing catch with the animal control officer who came to see if she was the dog reported
  • The look on the doctors face when Nana was delivered by forceps (and not C section)
  • Teeny’s birth
  • Walking into the gym for my first fall camp
  • fall camp 2008 sitting there having lunch (already talked about this one).

There are many others, but this is the list that is on my mind right now. Everything on this list has a special place in my heart and I treasure each memory.

What memories do you treasure?



  1. doug –

    i totally remember mom going into labor with jenny! i was three, brian was one, we lived on shintaffer. mom had curlers in her hair. grandma and grandad came and got us. i also remember the day they brought jenny home – she was all dressed in white and they laid her on their white chenille bedspread and she looked so beautiful!!!!! just tell leigh it is the hubbard mind at work – we hold tight to our wonderful memories no matter what age;)

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