Posted by: dougis | February 3, 2009

Show a Thon 2009 (no fear and conquering fear)

This past weekend the girls dance/arts school had their annual Show a Thon.

This is a fund raiser the school does every year where the kids (and adults) perform in the middle of the local mall for 7-8 hours (some folks only perform once, some perform many times).

Teeny is in a pre-ballet class and they were performing their adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. She had NO fear at all and her only complaint was that they didn’t get to spend enough time on the stage (the actual quote was, “all that waiting around for nothing”).

Here is her performance

Nana on the other hand was VERY nervous about her performance. She is in a group voice class (think pop star 101) and didn’t realize that solo performance meant she would be on stage alone. While her class did perform two group numbers first, she had to get on stage alone and sing. Based on her body language and comments before the show DW and I were expecting her to not be able to get on stage and make it through her performance.

We were wrong, she came through like a champ (although if you know her you can tell from the video she isn’t the most comfortable).

Here is her performance.

I am in awe of both of them, Teeny for her complete lack of fear and Nana for her conquering of it. I just hope I can learn from both of their examples myself.


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