Posted by: dougis | June 19, 2009

Progress through failure?

Last week at the dojo we were working on Shomenuchi Kokyunage (a strike to the top of the head defended by getting behind uke and taking their balance).

For whatever reason, I was having trouble throwing uke.

The evening went on, we finished up class went home and when I thought about the issue I was having the following day I was happy with my progress.


Yes progress. While I was having issues with the technique we were working on, I was NOT trying to muscle through it. I wasn’t getting upset or trying to figure out what uke was doing that was causing me to not throw. I just kept throwing (or trying to). While the specific technique we were practicing was not working as I wanted it to, I was able to remain calm and several times saw other things that would be just as effective against uke (but those were not what we were working on).

Progress. I’ll take it where I can get it.

Oh by the way, we worked on the same technique last night and I am pretty sure my issue was being too far from uke. Last night the technique worked with no issues as long as I stayed close :-).


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