Posted by: dougis | October 17, 2010

Deafening silence

I will admit it up front, I have been terrible about writing.

Life has been busy and I have not made the time to do this even though there have been things I wanted to write about. I will not promise this will stop but I am going to try to write more (even if only a little).

There are lots of things coming up but the current idea running through my head is resisting the inevitable (especially when it doesn’t make any sense).

This is coming from my kids and what I can try to take away from what I try to teach them.

A little background……yesterday we needed to run an errand which involved about an hour ride in the car each way (which both girls do NOT enjoy). They both spent a large amount of time telling me how much they didn’t want to go and trying to figure out ways to avoid the trip. I finally pointed out to both of them that

  • I didn’t really want to go either, but it needed to be done
  • we were going no matter what and all they were doing was making themselves unhappier by complaining
  • perhaps they could try to come up with a way to make the trip more bearable.

Leigh had gone out and picked up “How to train your dragon” from Red box so we put the DVD player in the van and let them watch that on the trip, lo and behold when we got home they asked if they could sit in the garage and finish watching the movie!

Not only was it not the horrible miserable experience they thought it was going to be but they wanted to extend the it rather than get it over with….

I wonder how often I do the same thing in my own life without realizing it?


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