Posted by: dougis | October 21, 2010

Take a chance

Why is it that we fear to try new things or make changes in our lives?

Sometimes these things are HUGE but often they are simple little changes that may or may not make our lives better.

The trouble is that we never find out due to fear.

Here is where this thought comes from……I have been thinking about shaving my head for a while now (not like there is all that much to get rid of) and for one reason or another I never did it. There was always some reason for me to not do it but all those things were excuses, ways for me to avoid the fact that I was a little nervous about trying it.

Last night I asked Nana if I should do it (the girls have both been aware I have been thinking about it) and she was all for it.

Not sure yet if it will stay shaved or not but glad I did it as there was really nothing to be afraid of and if I don’t like it I can just let it grow out again.


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