About me

Nana throwing me at her birthday party

Nana Throwing me at her birthday party

Me with Teeny after a Soccer game (not her sport)

Teeny on my shoulders after a soccer game

This is a place for me to post whatever is running through my head at various times.
I am (in no particular order)

  • a father
  • a husband
  • an Aikidoka
  • a geek
  • many other things

So my posts will cover all sorts of territory and may make no sense from one to another.

Some of the important parts of my life are

My kids:

2 girls ages 8(nana) and 4 1/2(teeny)

My wife Leigh

My dog Dakota, a big lazy German shepherd/Rottweiler mix that I love to death (although she does drive me nuts at times)

Aikido; I train in Kokikai Aikido as many times a week as the above mentioned loved ones will let me.

Why did I start a blog

My writing is not the best, nor are my thought the most clear but I wanted to start putting some of them down so that I can remember them even if nobody else does.


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